This is not a diet - this is the cure to dieting! After this 8-week course you will understand: • What is real food and what is processed food (You’ll be surprised!) • Healthier ways to eat at home and the workplace • How to exercise for optimal health • How to maximize fat loss • Food labels and their hidden meanings • How to fuel your body for work and play • How to empower yourself to make long lasting changes emotionally and physically around food and health • How to guide students in making healthy food choices • How families can support strong learning environments through food choices
What You Get • 45-min Consultation to evaluate dietary and exercise habits. • Eight 75-minute weekly group sessions • Body Analysis: Weight, Body Fat and measurements • 12 weeks' access to online support • Getting Started Right Guide • The Healthy Edge Cookbook • Wellness Tracker • Unlimited support from Virginia Classes are ongoing. Contact Virginia for the current schedule. Program Fee The 8-week Group Coaching Program includes all listed above for $425 and requires $150 deposit and up to 4 payments can be made over the course of the program. Members of Class, The Body Pastiche receive a member’s discount. Ask about spouse and family pricing. "Exercising regularly has given me a confidence I didn't think was possible. I've had a breakthrough by not focusing so much on the weight, but focusing on how I feel." "Healthy Edge is a great way to move personal health - real, lasting change - from the back burner to the front burner." "It has been a life-altering experience."
The Healthy Edge The Healthy Edge is a world-renowned weight loss and lifestyle program that includes eight weekly sessions with entertaining and informative videos explaining the how-tos of healthy weight loss, empowering audios to deal the emotional eating and self-sabotaging behavior, over 300 online recipes, downloadable notes and endless support materials.
Past Workshops Skin Health Radiance from the inside out. A study of holistic skin care from Ayurvedic clinician and aesthetician Ruth Smiley. New Years Solution: Know Thyself A fun and informative workshop to better understand the nature of one’s individual habits, strengths and weaknesses thru the perspective of Ayurveda . Instead of retreading New Years Resolution, try to solve the puzzle of your health with the Ayurvedic knowledge of the “Doshas” (what kind of personality and physical arch types you are), to know your nature and work with it. Belly Dancing Belly dancing is a fun and healthy way to discover a new, yet ancient art. In this workshop we will focus on learning how to isolate different parts of the body while exploring the unique movements they can make. The dance will truly come alive as we combine and layer these movements together. With the practice of poise, posture, grace and fluidity you cannot help but gain confidence, but really, come for the fun! Fall Prevention The most common reason that people fall is because they are afraid of falling. Join us to discuss strategies for building confidence and preventing falls. Foam Rolling A foam roller is an excellent tool to relieve stress and manage pain from accumulated tension. Yoga Workshops Each yoga workshop will focus on a specific area of yoga.

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