Once upon a time it was all about exercise, then it changed to calories, then it changed to calories and exercise - calories in, calories out.   Then the parade of diets marketed us constantly via every media form.


We have, though many still resist or don’t realize it, come close to the word “finally” in regards to health, nutrition and exercise; the “finally” came when researchers discovered that everyone is different.  Metabolisms can process quite differently from person to person.  Working with an individual’s health issues, doctor recommendations, dietary restrictions and finally examining the processes that were successful in that person's past all combine to give our heath coaches vital answers in achieving individual progress and success.






The Longevity Notebook


The Longevity Notebook was created by owner Virginia Eaton to chronicle the individual's progress and goals during the program.  It was created for sustained use; notes taken, ideas and diets, exercise and discoveries are recorded that we hope can be used for future use whenever that person should require a re-focus or indeed a re-up with an extension of our Longevity Program.



Health Coaching


Your Health Coach will take you through all the pages of the above notebook, and together you will map a route to your goal(s).  Meetings will be regularly scheduled and designed entirely around your personal history and what we hope to be sustainable habits that will carry you for years to come.





As a Longevity Member you will receive discounts on all programs (such as Heathy Edge) as well as discounts on all workshops, massage and Class products. And of course you qualify for everything the Basic Program offers!






A note from Virginia Eaton, owner/creator of Class, The Body Pastiche:


Why my Longevity Program?


Because waiting to improve your health is pure crazy!


Waiting comes in many forms. However, one is more harmful than the simple tapping-toe tasks we face everyday, and that is waiting to improve your health!  We wait until the sore back seems to improve rather than investigate why it’s sore.  Adding weight becomes a resolution to be “exercised” sometime in the near future.  Waiting is actually worse than procrastination; at least when you procrastinate you are aware of exactly what it is you are avoiding.  “Waiting” your health issues or your fitness issue is accepting inevitabilities.  And that is pure crazy!


If you buy into, “Well, you know, you are getting to that age …” you begin to accept the concept that it’s time to “wait” what’s left of your life.  Most all of the maladies and discomforts our parents owned and waited stoically through have answers today -  if not cures, avenues to reduction and relief and science to anticipate better answers.


If you wait long enough you can actually accept things as normal; warning signs of the onset of issues that can be identified in time to actually cure or control.


Work on getting to your best self. Examine yourself from a position of advantage.  From that position you can evaluate and take actions that challenge the word “Wait.”


- Virginia Eaton



The Longevity Program