These people bet eight days might improve their lives ...
The Healthy Edge Lifestyle Classes

As life gets busy, it becomes so easy to move less and eat more. Meals become less of a priority so food choices become about finding fast food rather than nutritious food - and the body eventually suffers. The Healthy Edge will reintroduce you to food in ways that can bring amazing changes to your body, your energy level and your mental and emotional state.


The Healthy Edge is a world-renowned eight-week weight loss and lifestyle program and is taught by Virginia Eaton, owner of Class, The Body Pastiche.  It includes entertaining and informative videos explaining the how-tos of healthy weight loss, empowering audios to deal the emotional eating and self-sabotaging behavior, over 300 online recipes, downloadable notes and endless support materials.

After this 8-week course you will understand:


• What real food is and what processed food is: you’ll be surprised!

• Healthier ways to eat at home and in the workplace

• How to exercise for optimal health

• How to maximize fat loss

• Food labels and their hidden meanings

• How to fuel your body for work and play

• How to empower yourself to make long-lasting changes emotionally and physically around food and health

• Teachers/mentors: How to guide students in making healthy food choices

• Parents: How families can support strong learning environments through food choice

This is not a diet; this is the cure to dieting.


Contact Virginia Eaton for more details and to register for the next set of sessions: or 559.641.5656

Read some of the results of those eight days:

What You Get


• 45-min consultation to evaluate your dietary and exercise habits

• Eight 75-minute weekly group sessions

• Body analysis, including weight, body fat and measurements

• 12 weeks' access to online support

• "Getting Started Right" guide

• The Healthy Edge Cookbook

• Wellness Tracker

• Unlimited support from Virginia




Program Fee


The eight-week "Group Coaching Program" includes everything listed above for $425 and requires $150 deposit.  Up to four payments can be made over the course of the program. Members of Class, The Body Pastiche receive a member’s discount - contact Virginia for more details.


Ask about spouse and family pricing.


"Dear Virginia,


Thank you so much for being our Healthy Edge coach for the past eight weeks, it has been a life-altering experience. After completing the program here are some thoughts about my results:


    • I have more energy to participate in the activities that make up my life.
    • The quality of my sleep has increased dramatically, measured by wearable technology.
    • I feel equipped to be in control of my health, because I have the knowledge to make good food choices.
    • I feel my body trusts me to give it what it needs to function properly. This is a real feeling, but one that I can’t quantify.
    • I have released weight that I was unable to accomplish with exercise alone over a 2 year period 4-5 times per week.
    • My mental clarity has improved. I can sustain focus for an extended period.
    • I have a stronger relationship with my wife because we now have the same health goals, make similar food choices and spend more time preparing food together.


The program itself was well structured and easy to understand. I found it fairly easy to make the necessary changes. The results motivated me to follow through with the changes. I felt better and slept better right away, which encouraged me to follow the program.


The weekly meetings were a very enjoyable part of the program, sharing our experiences as a group and learning from each other’s  successes and struggles was more rewarding than going through it alone. I appreciated the way you moderated the meetings, sharing your knowledge, but soliciting input from the group and being inclusive. It is often frustrating when groups don’t participate collectively, but I felt you found that balance and it worked out nicely.


Overall I felt the program was an extremely positive experience, and I feel optimistic about the prospects for my long term health. I am looking forward to my next checkup. Thank you again for helping change my health in a meaningful way, I can’t thank you and the Healthy Edge program enough!"


- Marc



"Dear Virginia,


I want to express my thanks and let you know the Godsend you've been at just the right time in my life.  Before "Class" opened, I was at a point that I had resigned myself to being "just like my Mother."  My Mom was overweight her entire life and her latter years were spent unable to walk long distances because of all the years of inactivity and the back issues that were a result of her weight.  I was actually looking up how heavy I had to be in order to have gastric bypass surgery, thinking it was the only way I could possibly lose weight.  I hated to sweat, walking hurt my knees and I had basically given up.


You have given me hope.  The Healthy Edge classes are giving me proof positive that the way I was eating was making me unhealthy.  All the years of counting calories, points, fat grams, etc. were not the answer.  My body is stronger than I thought it was and exercising regularly has given me a confidence I didn't think was possible. I've had a breakthrough by not focusing so much on the weight, but focusing on how I feel.  The weight will take care of itself if I continue to eat what's good for me and keep my body moving.


I just want to thank you and let you know how grateful I am that you chose Oakhurst as the place to plant your flag.  Your mission of helping people to live a healthier lifestyle is working in my world and I will spread the word (hopefully not too obnoxiously) about how much better it feels!"


- Jeanne



"Dear Virginia,


I was asked about my experience with the Healthy Edge program. Well, it was the fastest eight weeks I ever experienced going through a class!  Everyone in the class worked together for the good of the class and wanted to share new things that they learned or a new dish they found online.  I have learned about my body and what it takes to feel and stay healthy. I have accomplished more results in the past three months than I ever did in four years of other gyms. It all about YOU and how you feel. NO Guilt.  Not a diet, but a process.  Thank you, Virginia."


- Nick



"Dear Virginia,


Healthy Edge is a great way to move personal health - real, lasting change - from the back burner to the front burner. The program's emphasis on whole foods is exactly what we needed to jump start or rejump our eating plan, and the 80/20 approach makes it humane! We connected with some great people and really appreciate the knowledge and support. Virginia-led classes were wonderful."


- Kellie