The Design Lifestyle Program

A position of advantage oftentimes spurs fresh ideas and new goals.  Discussing them with your Health Coach and designing a whole new plan keeps tunnel vision and redundant behaviors at bay.  Your Health Coach will remind you that muscles can and will get bored from the same activity.  Perhaps he or she will recommend a rotating schedule; a balance of new exercises, some nutritional suggestions and even recommendations from the latest reasonable Pinot to a place on the coast to stay and bring to mind during your next meditation class.


Design was created to enhance your personal expression and explore some of those inner resources we tend to quash with routines and excuses.  Be prepared for some questions that assay for purpose, with the intent of taking you a step outside the proverbial box.  Did your doctor ever write you a prescription for a weekend away? Your Health Coach might!


Feeding the soul and finding the sustenance that makes smiles is Design!