Class Descriptions and Instructors
Cardio Barre

This class is designed to sculpt and tone your arms, legs, glutes, and abs with cardio and stretching intervals.  This unique blend of body sculpting, stretching, and cardio will change your body like no other class. We utilize the traditional ballet barre, light weights, and your own body weight. (This class is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)

Cardio Circuit

Cardio Circuit combines moderate to high intensity resistance and cardiovascular training in a fun and efficient circuit format. Each exercise is performed in sequence for a specific number of repetitions or period of time with short rest breaks in between exercises. Complete your daily cardio and strength requirements in one hour with this hybrid class! (This class is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)


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The Bandstand kept us fit with songs that came with their own dance; the Locomotion, the Twist, the Bristol Stomp, the Fly, the Jerk, the Hitchhike.  Then followed disco and Jackson. The music and movements made into fitness today.  (This class is for CLASS members only and is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)


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Class Drills

Class Drills is a high energy, full body experience that includes plyometrics, weight training, HIIT, and core work. Participants are led through a series of drills that will make you sweat for the full hour.

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Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. This exhilarating, effective, and easy-to-follow workout will get you fit and send your energy levels soaring! There’s no other fitness class like a ZumbaFitness-Party.  (This class is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)



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Senior Fitness Classes
Chair Yoga (Senior Stretch)


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In Chair Yoga we will achieve the benefits of a regular yoga class - greater flexibility, a quieter mind, a stronger body and increased ability to focus. We will accomplish this while in a chair and with some standing poses with the chair right there to help with balance. In this class we do not get down on the floor. I have a number of yogis who practice both chair and more traditional yoga sessions.


This class will work to strengthen your body, increase your balance and coordination. We will also discuss strategies to prevent falls. Fall Prevention is appropriate for those with COPD, elderly, and those with muscular conditions that can be improved with exercise.  For anyone, any age, who needs help with balance and gait.

Yoga (Senior Stretch)

This is a stretching class meant for those new to group exercise classes or returning after a hiatus from exercise.  (This class is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)

Yoga Classes
Alignment Yoga

Blending vinyasa with hatha yoga to provide a dynamic class with room to breathe, stretch and release, our instructors create an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable moving and opening up their bodies, offering more space for a sense of clarity, both in body and mind. Tuesday sessions are more mild and mellow. Thursday sessions are more active and enlivening.  (This class is for beginner through advanced exercisers.)

Diva Yoga

Diva Yoga is a fast-paced Vinyassa Flow done to the great Divas of music: Madonna, Aretha and Whitney. Focusing on abs and glutes, it will get the heart rate up and the smiles bright. I encourage laughing and singing while toning at the overall body and increasing the spirit of the powerful beautiful woman that lives in us all!

Harmony Yoga

Students can expect a flowing routine that incorporates strength, flexibility and balance. We will work on linking the breath with movement to strengthen awareness and deepen the connection between body and mind, ultimately aligning all aspects of Self, and in the process discovering the added benefits of toning muscle, strengthening core and creating flexibility.

Restorative Yoga

This yoga class uses breathing to relax and energize your body as you move  through a variety of gentle poses that increase flexibility, improve balance and reduce the physical and mental effects of stress.


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Miscellaneous Classes
Belly Dancing

In this class we will focus on learning how to isolate different parts of the body while exploring the unique movements they can make. The dance will truly come alive as we combine and layer these movements together. With the practice of poise, posture, grace and fluidity you can not help but gain confidence, but really - come for the fun!