Coming To Class Client Feedback

From our client, Ann


Something to know:


I am a woman who is politely said to be of a "certain age," whereas my driver's license inelegantly suggests that I am well into my 70s. What's come of civility? Anyway, along with years, I have acquired arthritis, its aches and complaints. So, when a mailer arrived from CLASS The Body Pastiche (recently profiled in the newspaper), I thought, "Counseled exercise, hmmm.' Casually, I passed it to my husband, who may have suggested something like that before. He read it and said, "Get in the car." "Excuse me," I replied, "but I am woman I..." "We're going," he interrupted, grinning as he pulled on his cap.


Virginia Eaton met our impromptu visit with a genuine smile, good information, and a survey of a clean, well thought out space. "Okay," I decided, "I'll give it a try." It's been several weeks now and I'm looking pretty smart. I like it there. I am particularly glad to be instructed by people who have an understanding that comes with practice and time. It's not that youth is bad, just a bit passe for some of us--kinda like spandex. Please understand, this isn't the old folks home. It's an up, active place. The courses are well considered, the counseling ongoing, the membership companionable.


I still have arthritis. No miracles there, but I am moving better, feeling more equal to myself, to what I want to do. That's a big deal. Virginia has me, as well as, a good thing going. Have a look at her smile. And please know that no one asked or suggested I write this note, anymore than I asked for arthritis. I saw the article in the Star, and am compelled to give my two cents worth about good health in our town.